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  • September 16, 2021 1 min read

    Introducing Tripa Glass:

    New Heady Artist from Australia!

    Tripa Glass Worked Tube Sets outside in the sunshine

    Until last year we didn't know about high end glass tubes being made much in Australia!? The scene there has been rapidly developing and evolving into something with skilled glassblowers and active shops and collectors. 

    A great example of this skill comes from the work of Tripa Glass. An independent artist creating high end Tubes, Dry Catchers, and Slides in stylish and elaborate fashion with a refined emphasis on functionality. 

    Recently we received two of Tripa Glass Custom Worked Tube Sets and they surely did not disappoint!

    The pieces are very clean in person and all of the work is top notch, the pattern-work is clean with nicely worked terminations, the colored sections all feature crushed opal which is nicely incorporated into the overall design of the sets, and the 4-Hole slides have even round holes making for a nice smooth flow! 

    Tripa Glass Worked Tube Set Profile Photo

    Tripa Glass Worked Tube Set Close up of Dry Catcher and Slide on Tube

    Tripa Glass Worked Tube close up of pattern section in neck

    Tripa Glass Worked Dry Catcher and Slides

    Close up photo of worked disk and slide of blue stardust tube set

    Tripa Glass Worked Tube showcasing worked joint and slide

    Tripa Glass Worked Splash Guard

    Tripa Glass Worked Slide and Joint front angle

    Tripa Worked Tube Set with Aqua Azul and Crushed Opal

    Tripa Glass Worked Dry Catcher and Slide
    Tripa Glass Worked Tube Set Agua Azul
    Tripa Glass Worked Tube Set Full View Agua Azul
    Tripa Glass Worked Tube Set view of Dry Catcher with Slide and Tube Neck Worked Section
    Birds Eye View of the 4-Hole worked slide
    Tripa Glass Worked Tube showing neck section of Agua Azul Tube

    Tripa Glass is definitely an artist that will be added to high end collections around the industry and we are so pleased and excited to have been the very first Glass Gallery in the United States to be releasing this Epic Work! 

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