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  • May 12, 2024 2 min read

    Recently we had the pleasure of getting to know Tyler aka Green~T Glass Designs, an independent glass artist who specializes in creating stunning handmade flame-worked glass art, functional pieces, jewelry, and accessories that are truly one-of-a-kind.

    What inspired the Stone Series?

    The recent body of work here on display at the gallery from Green~T Glass Designs was inspired by Nature and the majestic beauty of Geodes and other natural wonders. The "Stone" series captures the essence of these natural elements in a unique and artistic way. With a more free form abstract shaping than the artists past works this series exudes a fun yet bold styling that stands out amongst any collection. 

    In particular, the usage of sound frequency patterns visualized (Cymatics) by the artist represents the depth and thought that went into this beautiful series of work. With various different Cymatic patterns, each with a specific HZ frequency being visually represented on the piece, this series has a timeless feel reminiscent of the Artists Egypt series, but with a totally new and original style at the same time.

    Green~T Glass Cymatic Pendant
    Green~T Glass Crystal Cymatics Recycler
    Green~T Glass Stone Series Dry Piece (Functional)

    How did the artist's journey begin?

    Originally known for creating Maple Syrup themed work in Vermont, Green~T decided to branch out to explore new avenues and techniques. This led to the creation of the  Egypt Series, which quickly gained popularity among collectors nationwide. 

    What makes the Egypt Series so special?

    The Egypt Series stands out for its intricate details, precise shaping, and use of inlaid 23K Gold Luster. Each piece in this series has the appearance of an ancient artifact that has been perfectly preserved over time, adding a touch of mystique and elegance to any collection. 

    What's Next?

    Check out @GreenTGlass on Instagram to see the latest work fom Green~T Glass Designs. Thanks for reading!


    The God Bes in 23K Gold Luster Inlaid on a Purple Mix Glass Tablet
    Green~T Glass Purple Mix Tablet - Stone Series
    Green~T Glass Designs His and Hers Rainbow Millie Pendants
    Green~T Glass Rainbow Geode Pendant
    Green~T Glass x Chaka Ancient Egyptian Incense Burner Glass Replica Functional Piece
    Green~T Glass Designs x Chaka Incense Burner Close up of Gold Luster
    Green~T Glass Designs Dry Functional Piece from the Stone Series
    Green~T Glass Designs Pensive Souls piece from the Stone Series


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