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US Tubes Hybrid 9mm

US Tubes 9mm Hybrid Tube with Logo and Angled Red and Blue Stripes in background

US Tubes 9mm Hybrid's Now Available Online 

One of the most sought after US Tubes pieces on the market is the 20 Inch Hybrid 60 x 9mm tube with 24mm removable downstem. These pieces are not often released as their production is among the most challenging of US Tubes lineup and they get scooped up quickly every time there is a drop. 

This week we are extremely excited to release a very limited number of less than 10 of these Hybrid Tubes made by US Tubes. They feature the OG Decal in assorted color ways, and each piece comes with their signature 24mm Showerhead Downstem. 

US Tubes Hybrid Tube with Logo and Angled Blue and Red Stripes in background

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