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  • August 13, 2020 1 min read

    We just received an amazing drop of Magism Branch Dabbers that are available online now. These incredibly lifelike Branch Dabbers feature a cold worked handle imitating a carved branch as well as a cold worked tip that has a nice blade style designed to work well for a range of concentrates consistencies. 

    Accented with colored tips and colored shaped/styled end they range in length from 5-6 inches. The colors we received in this drop consist of Pastel Potion (CFL), Crippy, Fume, Blue Dream, Antidote, and Telemagenta. They are all gorgeous, these Banch Dabbers will make a good functional addition to any Heady Glass collection. 

    Maigsm Branch Dabber Pastel Potion

    Magism Branch Dabber Crippy

    Magism Branch Dabber Fume

    Magism Branch Dabber Blue Dream

    Magism Branch Dabber Antidote

    Magism Branch Dabber Telemagenta

    Magism Branch Dabber Close Up of Tip

    Magism Branch Dabber Close Up Blue Dream

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