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  • August 10, 2020 1 min read

    Pho Sco Glass @pho_sco blowing glass out of Oregon has been crushing it with these Worked Downstem Sets, they come with a matching Slide and feature 8 or more worked sections assembled in each stem. With fade to clear options as well as his signature mismatched pattern-work styles there are some great sets to choose from. 

    When we talk about the number of sections in a downstem or piece, it is important information because each section begins as an individual piece of prep that has to be worked into the patterns that you see, in the flame of the torch, and then joined/welded to the other individually prepared sections. The process is more advanced than pieces with less sections as the chances for error increase and of course the time invested by the artist is a lot more as well. That's why these pieces are good examples of Heady Glass, because there is extra time and passion invested into the project to make it look and function amazing. 

    The Downstems measure 6 Inches from the top of the ground joint where the stem enters your tube down to the bottom of the stem, they have an 18mm joint and take a 14mm slide, 18/14mm. Most of the sets we got this time around come with a martini snapper slide, but there are a few push bowl slides as well. And when it comes to the clear on these pieces things are not always as they seem, there are hidden UV features to explore as well. 


    Pho Sco Heady Glass Worked Downstem Sets
    Pho Sco Glass Downstem Sets Full Colored

    Pho Sco Worked Heady Downstem

    Pho Sco Heady 18/14mm Downstem


    Pho Sco Worked 18/14mm Downstem

    Pho Sco Heady Downstem 18/14mm

    Pho Sco Heady Fade to Clear Downstem and Slide Sets

    Pho Sco Heady Worked Chillums

    Pho Sco Glass Heady ChillumPho Sco Heady Glass Chillum



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