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  • September 13, 2020 1 min read

    GlassMaze Heady Pendants feature amazing cold-working techniques which often include deep sand carving and intricate opal inlays. This batch of Pendants we recently received are nothing short of spectacular!

    GlassMaze does a great job with cleanliness and attention to detail and all of the designs and color schemes are really on point. If you are looking for a Heady Glass Pendant that has as much style as the rest of your outfit then these are for you.



    GlassMaze Heady Pendant Lotus with Opal Center

    GlassMaze Heady Pendant Humming Bird

    GlassMaze Heady Pendant #5 Zen Glass Alchemy

    GlassMaze Heady Pendant #2 Pippy Under Orange UV

    GlassMaze Heady Pendant #1 Meta-Terrania

    GlassMaze Heady Pendant #6 Topaz

    GlassMaze Heady Glass Pendant #7 Deja Blue with Large Opal Inlay

    GlassMaze Heady Glass Pendant #8 Royal Jelly

    GlassMaze Heady Glass Pendant #9 Ether

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