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  • August 28, 2020 1 min read

    Empty1 Glass aka Mdt_glass has been on the torch since 2002, recently we got a nice drop of his Baller Jars for the gallery. All of the Baller Jars feature a hand drawn glass stringer thread to fit the lid and have a nice tight fit. There are a few variations of the Baller Jar, Single Wag (featuring one wig wag section), Double Wag, and Crushed Opal with Wig Wag, there was also a dichro with wig wag but it got swooped up quickly.Β 

    These Baller Jars are the perfect Heady container for all of your favorite concentrates while you move from spot to spot. Grab one today while they are still around!



    Empty1 Glass Baller Jar with Crushed Opal and Rainbow Wig Wag Section

    Empty1 Glass Baller Jar view of Baller Jar Decal on Lid

    View of the glass thread to seal the jar tight

    Empty1 Glass Baller Jar White Black Red and Blue



    Baller Jar Glass Thread Aqua Color

    Empty1 Glass Double Wag BallerJar Rasta and White Colors

    Empty1 Glass Double Wag Baller Jar Yellow, Orange, Purple, Green

    Empty1 Glass Double Wag Baller Jar Blue with Purple and Grey Wags

    Empty1 Glass Double Wag Baller Jar Yellow with Purple Grey Wags

    Empty1 Glass Double Wag Baller Jar Orange and Teal

    Empty1 Glass Baller Jar Glass Thread

    Empty1 Glass Single Wag Baller Jar

    Empty1 Glass Single Wag Baller Jar Yellow with Rainbow Wig Wag

    Baller Jar Lid View showing Baller Jar Decal/Sticker


    SHOP Empty1 GlassΒ 

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