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Introducing: The DotBox Kid

The DotBox Kid x Str8 Glass Heady Spinner Cap

Recently we had the chance to connect on some glass for the gallery with TheDotBoxKid @thedotboxkid.

Working out of Texas, The DotBox Kid focuses on the Dot Stack technique as the name implies, however he uses various other techniques to blend styles and the combinations make for some great aesthetics. 

Our recent drop of glass included 10mm, 14mm, and 18mm slides, Pendants, Classic Shaped Dry Pipes, Carb Caps, and even Rigs. The response to the pieces has been very positive and we expect to see some more things coming this way in the near future. Which is a good thing because these pieces are flying off the shelves to customers all around the world!

The DotBox Kid Heady Pendant with Opal

The DotBox Kid Space Fume and Fume DotBox Sake Bottle Mini Tube

The DotBox Kid Classic Axe Shaped Sherlock Matte Black with Fume DotBox

The DotBox Kid x Str8 Glass Heady Triple Intake Spinner Cap

The DotBox Kid Heady Slide Green with Opal Marble

The DotBox Kid Heady Briar Shape Fume DotBox and Moonstone

The DotBox Kid Heady Slide Red with Marbles

The DotBox Kid Heady Dot Stack Fume Dot Box Push Slide

The DotBox Kid Heady Slide

The DotBox Kid Heady Axe Sherlock Close Up Dot Box Cab Attachment

Close up Top View of The DotBox Kid Heady Slide

The DotBox Kid Black and White Heady Dot Stack Fume Slide

The DotBox Kid Fume and Moonstone Dot Box Briar Pipe Close up Photo from side


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