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  • July 28, 2020 1 min read 1 Comment

    US TUBES glass is one of the preeminent brands in today's glass pipe industry and unless you have been residing under a rock since around 2008 then you have probably heard of them. 

    Based in Berkeley, CA US TUBES is one of the only glass companies with a scientific background in glass. This sets them apart in quality and consistency from other brands, even ones with a higher price tag. 

    US TUBES makes their glass water pipes, rigs, and bubblers under the mantra that "Stronger is Better" and while this may sound like a sales pitch you would hear at your local gym, it is truly a great thing for smokers that they do. Because let's face it, glass can break and accidents can happen, and of course it's never anybodies fault when it does .... we've all been there. 

    So US TUBES reenforces their product using scientific glass blowing techniques that they have executed for over 40 years as a scientific shop before they ever made water pipes!

    US TUBES Beaker with Perc

    US TUBES Beaker with Green Joint

    US TUBES Hybrid Tube

    US TUBES Ash Catcher

    US TUBES 12 Inch Beaker 5mm Tube

    US TUBES products are highly functional and the quality is on point, we suggest them for anyone looking for a great Tube. 

    1 Response

    Josh Patterson
    Josh Patterson

    June 10, 2021

    Hi not sure if you can help me I’m looking for actually the exact bong showed in your picture a beaker w the blue bear logo blue down stem and the tree perc on it can you guys get one or do you have one I’m not seeing? Thank you!!

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