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  • April 09, 2019 3 min read

    We've known R3GI5 aka White Monkey Glass (@WhiteMonkeyGlass) for a couple of years now and always saw his talents on display with sculpting glass and making awesome functional works as well as heady pendants and more.

    Several of his bodies of work have been on display here at the gallery and many a pleased guest has added something to their collection.

    All of these things are great and make us very happy, since 2006 our aim is to offer one of the finer functional glass galleries in the industry for those very reasons: To meet great people and make them happy with awesome things. To platform glass art and more specifically pipe art itself, and to provide it a place where it can always thrive and always be the center of attention.

    So anyway it's very rewarding...BUT what happened recently with White Monkey Glass becoming a multi talented, multi platformed artist, and his divulgence of further talents hidden down the rabbit hole of his brain, well it's just been an absolute treat to behold.

    R3GI5 emergence into the miniature model building world and the ways that he is going to be able to incorporate them into his sculpting and glass blowing projects is taking things to the next level...literally.

    The first few examples of this culmination of medias will be shared below here shortly so read on, but first let us attempt to provide a scope of the radical creation going into these new works because they're tiny and time consuming!

    R3GI5 Miniature Model Chicken Rotisserie Progress Shot of Build


     R3GI5 Miniature Model Build Progress Shot

    R3GI5 Miniature Model Build Progress Shot

    R3GI5 Miniature Model Build Finished Brick Wall

    Those are a few progress shots from R3GI5 first build, you can see the scale of the models especially the Rotisserie Chicken is pretty tiny (R3GI5 does not have Giant hands).

    So it might make you wonder what was the purpose of creating this tiny model world?!

    Well it made us wonder, so we asked of course, and he let us know that he was working on it in order to have an appropriately themed back drop for his newest glass creations, the Trash Pandas (Raccoons). 

    Heady Glass Sculpture of Green Trash Panda with Tie Dye Shirt Smoking


    See, when the Raccoons were first released they had been staged around some paper/cardboard mini trash to add to the feeling of the sculpture, at the time this was created by another artist.

    This contributed to the seed of the idea, and when the need arose for an alleyway R3GI5 was up to the challenge.

    Miniature Alleyway model with lots of details

    Two different alleyway scenes created by R3GI5.

    R3GI5 Miniature Alleyway Brick Wall Model with Graffiti Painted

    White Monkey Glass Trash Panda Raccoon Glass Piece with Grilled Cheese

    Trash Panda Gang

    White Monkey Glass Trash Panda Raccoon Close up

    White Monkey Glass Trash Panda Close up of Grilled Cheese and Tie Dye Shirt

    Heady Glass Raccoon Different View of Smoking Trash Panda

    One of the first ways that we got to know R3GI5 aka White Monkey Glass was by providing studio photography services which we sometimes do when it makes sense for both parties.

    So once we saw R3GI5 create the alleyways and photograph the Trash Pandas in front of them we loved it of course!

    And we wanted in!

    So while it maybe didn't make sense to ship the entire alley scene itself here to the gallery, R3GI5 provided us with the pictures he took of the alleys themselves, they are shown above. 

    Once we had the photos of the alleys and had taken the studio photos of the Raccoons as well we were ready to begin our Photoshop mash ups...

    And this is some of what we came up with!

    Photo Collage Edit Showing the Smoking Trash Panda Photoshopped in front of the alleyway model

    In case it's confusing what you are seeing we will give it a rundown...

    The background is a mini model of an alleyway that R3GI5 made out of materials he could find around his house.

    The Trash Panda (Raccoon) is a heady glass pipe or rig and is 100% borosilicate glass.

    The mini trash itself was made by a different artist out of paper/cardboard

    Fuzion Glass Gallery or FGG Studio in this case took the photos of the raccoons and photoshopped them on to the alleyway.

    What a fun project!!!

    Heady Glass Trash Panda Eating a Grilled Cheese in front of miniature alleyway model

    We've got some more projects planned as well as completed with this same effect in mind. So stay tuned for those ;)

    R3GI5 @R3GI5

    White Monkey Glass @WhiteMonkeyGlass

    FGG Studio @FGG_Studio




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