Sean Clayton Glass: (@scglassstudio) Terp Slurper Marble Sets

Sean Clayton Nebula Space Marble Terp Slurper Set

 Sean Clayton (@scglassstudio) is one of the prominent space tech artists of our industry and makes hyper realistic glass space scenes. He is well known for his non functional bodies of work including his Nebula marbles and he has a loyal following for his functional work as well. 

These Terp Slurper Marble sets by Sean Clayton are the perfect combination of aesthetically beautiful and technical space glass as well as a super functional heady accessory for your Terp Slurper.

With the Toro Quartz Terp Slurper being one of the more popular bangers on the market right now we decided to drop these sets for Space enthusiasts everywhere to enjoy and collect. 

The sets come with a carb cap marble 23mm-24.7mm in size, a smaller slurper marble with approximately 12mm diameter, and a terp pill that is approximately 6mm wide and 12mm tall. 

Sean Clayton Terp Slurper Marble Set

Sean Clayton Toro Terp Slurper Marbles

Sean Clayton Toro Terp Slurper Marbles

Sean Clayton Toro Terp Slurper Marble Set

Sean Clayton Terp Slurper Marbles


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