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A Walk Down Memory Lane Part 1

View of the interior of old Fuzion location at 3120 State Street

While renovations are ongoing in our space and we are offering curb side pick up only it felt like a good time to reflect on the almost 14 years of our company history in Santa Barbara on State Street.

So take a trip with us down memory lane while we revisit some of the sparse photo footage that we could track down from the early days and through this last decade. 


3120 State Street Photo of Old Fuzion store interior

 Our 3120 State Street location was popping from late 2006-2009, this pic is at the end of that run in 2009. Then we moved to our current location at 1115 State Street. 


Fuzion interior showing clothing racks and artwork on walls

Our new space was bigger than our old one and we couldn't even fill it up at first, here's a pic of the upstairs clothing store from 2010.


Fuzion Upstairs interior with people shopping


Upstairs Fuzion Event People walking


We didn't have any problems filling it with people though, and we quickly realized that events would be a good way to further integrate with the community and show people our space.


 Michael talking with somebody who has back to camera

This guy was the first artist to do a show at Fuzion, Michael Heltebrake, he opened the doors for us, which is punny because his paintings were on doors.



George the DJ throwing a peace sign to the camera

George the DJ, lot's of underground hip hop and groovy vibes if I remember right.


People having fun at a party talking

We met our homie Chadillac at one of these things, he did art shows with us too.


People having fun partying

Good times were had by all!


People partying hanging out

We threw events with lots of different people during this time, Adam from Stateside magazine held some shows.

Group of people, body painting event

There's a chance this would be Adam's favorite photo of himself we have.

Artist standing in front of his artwork holding a cup

Not to be confused with Marteen Diaz, who also had shows at Fuzion and become a good homie as well.


Women with body painting in a group

This event with live body painting was an interesting one. 


Female Model walking with body painted artwork

Somewhere around 2010 or 2011.


Close up of womens face with body painted eye design



Two women with body painted artwork
People partying downstairs

If you know this guy then you're on point.


Artwork on walls
Two guys arm around shoulders

Two Fuzion legends. This place wouldn't exist without certain people.


Five people taking a photo together

It's all about good friends and good times, don't let them tell you any different.


Three people taking a photo

Nathan's now the owner/curator of Sullivan Goss, good guy, well deserved. This pic is from 2011 or so maybe.


Two ladies seated smiling for a photo

Just smiles, that's all we need.


Two people hugging taking a photo

Fuzion legends Janie and Charles. 


Photo of two people posing for photo

One of them co founded Fuzion.


Close up photo of a guy

And this guy just showed up for the Free Beer 100%.


Photo of StayPuff Marshmallow man artwork

Stay Puff marshmallow man artwork by MERS of CBS Graffiti Crew.

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