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  • September 14, 2020 1 min read

    Los1 Glass has been making some awesome Forest themed glass for years now, the sculpting is on point so we were happy to get a drop of Heady Forest Glass that includes Mini Tubes, Pendants, Trubble Caps, and Slides.

    All of these look great in person, the sculpting is nice on all of the trees and attachments. Los1 Glass is bringing the nature vibes to a session near you!

    Los1 Glass Trubble Cap Timber

    Los1 Glass Forest Mini Tube with Clouds

    Los1 Glass Forest Mini Tube Back View

    Los1 Glass Forest Mini Tube with Removable Tree Top and Daisy Dabber

    Los1 Glass Roswell Tree Pendant

    Los1 Glass Forest Slide Caramel

    Los1 Glass Forest Slide Roswell

    Los1 Glass Forest Slide Top View Looking Down

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