About Us

Established in 2006 by two UCSB college students Fuzion is located at 1115 State St. in picturesque Santa Barbara, CA. Fuzion Glass Gallery is one of the worlds most highly specialized functional glass galleries. With an embracing aesthetic we represent glass art the way we feel it should be seen, our 4,000 sq. ft. location ensures that a museum like experience awaits all of our guests.



Our focus is on contemporary functional lampworking, American artists primarily, with work also being shown from as far away as Japan! We also show non functional glass art pieces such as marbles and paperweights. However we strongly believe in the challenge that hollow glass presents, and the added difficulty of ensuring a perfect function in ones artistic pursuits is a goal that very few are ever urged to accomplish.



Borosilicate pipe art began in the United States around 30 years ago, the movement itself is as equally dynamic an art movement that has recently occurred. With valuations increasing, patron bases widening, and greater support from the glass community as a whole, this is an exciting time to be involved! Glass pipes as art started out as a dream, an idea, perhaps a concept… but it has grown and it has evolved and it continues to do so at a faster pace.


With love and respect to all those who have supported us and been a part of the mission.

— Team Fuzion